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Five Reasons She’s the One and Why You Should Propose

It can be hard to decide that you’re ready to pop the question. You love her and you love being with her, but how do you “know” she’s the one? After all, make a girl wait too long and she might not be around to ask much longer.

Of course, every couple is different, but as experts in engagement and wedding rings, we’ve seen our fair share of happy couples. Here are some of the things we look for that tell us a couple’s future is bright. You love hanging out with her.

1) You love hanging out with her.

Sometimes, with work and life, a busy couple will overlook this simple requirement. But it’s easy: Do you want to see her every day? Do you want her to come to all your friends and family events? Do you look forward to seeing her after work every day? If someone is the first person you want to tell everything to, then she’s a safe bet.

2) You want the same things from life.

These conversations are never easy, especially when you’ve been with someone for a while. But at some point, every couple needs to have a serious talk about where their life goals align concerning kids, jobs, and where you’ll live. Not being on the same page about your goals and what it will take to pull them off can drive the most compatible couple apart. After all, marriage is about romance, but it is also about partnership.

3) You still love talking to each other.

We’ve all seen the silent relationship. Sure, they seem like they work well together, but they never really talk. “Oh, I’ve heard all his stories” or “We’ve said it all” are terrible things to hear in a relationship and a sign that two people are not really a match. A life partner should be someone that not only knows all your old stories but helps you create more. They should inspire new, interesting thoughts and ideas and discover the world along with you. If you’ve already run out of things to say at three years, how will you make it to thirty?

4) You laugh together.

Laughter cannot be underestimated in a relationship. Life is not always wonderful. It can be dark and tragic, full of terrible obstacles you will face together as a couple. Even if you manage to avoid catastrophe, there is still the constant day-to-day stress of having a career and building a home. Through it all, it is important to have a spouse that can laugh at the same frustrations as you and make you smile even on the darkest days.

5) She’s more beautiful now than the day you met her.

Physical attraction doesn’t fade as you get older if you are truly compatible. Instead, it morphs into something deeper. When you really love a person, the lines on their face or the saggy skin on their arms don’t matter. All you can see is a person that is perfect because they are yours. Once you’ve found them, hold on tight.

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