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Sale Extended 30% OFF
Coupon: BF30


Black Friday Sale  30% OFF
Coupon code: BF30

Forever Moissanite VS CZ

While cubic zirconia has long been the go-to for diamond alternatives, as a gemstone it simply doesn’t measure up. What may seem like a budget-saving move may result in your gem looking tired, dull, or dirty. And there are a few good reasons for that.

The first is that cubic zirconia is very cheaply produced, which can lead to flaws, defects, and color variations. Forever Moissanite is also produced in a lab, but we spare no expense and use the latest technology available to guarantee that our gems will be flawless, colorless, and perfect.

Because of this cheap production value, cubic zirconia is often a much softer gemstone as well. On the Moh’s scale of hardness, in which a natural diamond is a 10 and moissanite is a 9.5, cubic zirconia is a whole point lower, coming in at 8.5. This softness means over time, your cubic zirconia can absorb dust and oil, dulling it’s shine.

Lastly, the quality of cut on most mass-produced cubic zirconia is often lesser quality as well, resulting in a reduction of brilliance and scintillation. Simply put, moisssanite sparkles more.

Even though cubic zirconia may seem like the cheaper option, unfortunately it will often look like the cheaper option too. Forever Moissanites still come in under the price point of natural diamonds, but you will never have to sacrifice quality with us.

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