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 Black Friday Sale Extended 30% OFF  | Coupon: BF30


Black Friday Starts Now | 30% OFF | Coupon code: BF30

Sale Extended 30% OFF
Coupon: BF30


Black Friday Sale  30% OFF
Coupon code: BF30

Forever Moissanite VS Others​

Shopping for gems can be daunting. After all, this is a purchase that should last your entire life, with the same beauty as the day you bought it. But with so many different options on the market these days, deciphering the stream of gem jargon can be confusing.

Commercial moissanite comes in three different color grades: faint color, near colorless, and truly colorless. While some of our competitors’ stones can fall into those first two cheaper categories, all of our moissanite gemstones are produced for perfect flawlessness and clarity, a truly colorless stone.

But our stones aren’t just colorless, they are exquisitely cut as well. All of our Forever Moissanite gems come in an “excellent” cut, the same as the finest natural diamonds. Diamond cut refers to the size, shape, and angles between a diamond’s facets, and determines how the gemstone interacts with light. The cut itself is then responsible for the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a gemstone.

All of our Forever Moissanite gems are crafted and cut to produce the same amazing sparkle and prism as a natural diamond, if not even more. So you get a gorgeous gem designed to stay amazing for centuries.

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