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Black Friday Sale  30% OFF
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Moissanite vs. Earth-Mined Diamond: How to Make the Right Choice

From beauty to durability, moissanite easily measures up to diamond, if not surpassing it. It is also a truly ethical gemstone. You never have to worry about the social responsibility of sourcing or the horrific environmental impacts of mining. And despite all these qualities, moissanite is still significantly cheaper than diamonds, giving you high value for much less of an investment.

The tragedies and human rights violations of the blood diamond industry have been well documented for decades. From trafficking to exploitation and abuse, the list of reasons not to shop earth-mined diamonds is long, and it can take lots of research to verify that the “conflict-free” diamonds you might be looking at are in fact ethically sourced. And then, despite all the research and worry, you still have the exorbitant pricing to consider.

Because moissanite is grown in a lab, it is a much more ethically conscious choice for many people. They require no mining, so there is minimal environmental impact, and there is no danger of accidentally sourcing a blood diamond. The exact same attention to perfect cutting and polishing is given to our moissanite gems as is given to any diamond. In fact, the only difference between the two is that the moissanite gem naturally will have twice the sparkle of a diamond. As a gemstone, moissanite shares all the qualities of a diamond but at a significantly lower price point.             The ring you propose with will be a symbol of your future relationship. Why pay more to run the risk of supporting unsustainable, unethical mining practices when you can get a more beautiful gem, guaranteed to last just as long, for a fraction of the cost?

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